ElaadNL Partners with the Share&Charge Foundation

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We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with ElaadNL, an initiative of Dutch grid operators that serves as the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of Smart Charging infrastructure in the Netherlands.

ElaadNL was a part of the Oslo2Rome initiative where we tested a roaming charging network beyond European borders and its exciting to see them join us further in our journey for a seamless and secure charging experience.

“We are partnering with Share&Charge because we see that new technologies, like distributed ledgers, can really change the landscape of an ecosystem. Via Share&Charge we want to experience first hand how such an ecosystem would work, what challenges we face and what kind of things we need to change to the current infrastructure or protocols. And it is just really fun to work with a group that is building the future, ElaadNL loves that!” said Harm van den Brink of ElaadNL.

The upcoming EV Charging Economy requires a new way of ecosystem thinking and community building. We further invite individuals and companies around the globe to contribute and shape the future of EV charging economy.

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