Oslo2Rome - Elaad & Enexis Groep Route

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From Amsterdam (NL) to Essen (GER)!

Why are you participating at the Oslo2Rome inititative?

In The Netherlands it’s very easy to charge your electric vehicle everywhere. We’re a blessed with an interoperability system where mobility and charging providers and operators work smoothly together. By using only one card you can get access to charging points in the entire country. It’s very important for the acceptance of electric driving to have a similar system in Europe as well.

A Common Infrastructure We Can All Share

In Germany, France and other European countries there are lots and lots of different mobility companies and systems. It’s extremely complex to have all these different systems connected. It would be preferable to have one open - user friendly - infrastructure. We are currently exploring blockchain as a potential technology to help us to achieve this goal. It would be much easier to spread it out all over Europe because a solution build on something like blockchain is automatically available everywhere. We would like it to be like a GSM mobile network for charging, a common infrastructure we can all share. The Oslo2Rome initiative is all about proving that concept and that’s why we’re very excited to support it.

How developed is emobility in your country?

One Million E-Cars by 2025

There are around 130.000 electric cars in The Netherlands (hybrids and 25.000 fully electric cars - https://www.rvo.nl/sites/default/files/2013/11/E-mobility%20in%20the%20Netherlands.pdf). The Dutch government has stopped subsidizing electric transportation, so sales are currently down, but the industry is developing very well. There are lots of more affordable electric cars entering the market and we expect the sales to go up and to have over a million fully electric cars on the Dutch roads in 2025. We have a very well defined system of people working together to let this shift go as smooth as possible.

Tell us something about your business and your current efforts around emobility?

A Grid Operator, an R&D Specialist and a Trend-Watcher

The Dutch Oslo2Rome team consists of three of these kind of people. Jan-Peter Doomernik of Enexis, a large grid operator that’s ensuring the right to energy in the world of today but also in the world of tomorrow. In Oslo2Rome two important new trends are combined that could impact the grid: e-mobility and blockchain. It’s very important to keep the grid balanced and Exesis is very interested in the new practical possibilities these technologies can bring. There’s also Arjan Wargers of ElaadNL, a knowledge and innovation center on Smart Charging of electric vehicles. ElaadNL is really interested in researching the possibilities of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies for smart charging in general and grid integration of electric vehicles in particular. Thirdly, there’s trendwatcher Vincent Everts. He’s been very enthusiastic about electric driving for many years. Vincent talks a lot about how the industry is changing and is also a board member of the VER, the user community of electric driving in The Netherlands. Vincent is trying out everything and has been driving a Nissan Leaf, a Tesla Model S and now a Tesla Model X. Vincent is very interested in what blockchain can do for the interoperability!

7 Partners in 6 Countries

During the Oslo2Rome tour we will charge our electric cars with an app built on blockchain. That enables us to charge the car contractless and also borderless. If you build a solution on the blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies it is automatic available everywhere. That’s why we can and will prove with 7 European partners that this app works while we cross the borders of 6 different European countries. The exploration of these technologies help to explore and to be prepared for the future!

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