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Get FREE crypto vouchers FOR EV CHARGING worth 90€

Join 50 Electric Vehicle Drivers to test the Cryptocurrency DAI
for paying your charging sessions at innogy charging stations

From autumn 2019 on 50 Electric Vehicle drivers will have the possibility of charging at innogy charging stations throughout Germany and pay for their charging sessions using the stable cryptocurrency DAI (a so-called stablecoin). MakerDAO, the foundation behind this cryptocurrency, grants 50 selected drivers a voucher of 100DAI each for testing the application with the currency in the eMobility wallet of the Open Charging Network

The first 50 EV drivers that register using the signup form below will be selected to participate in the pilot, which is scheduled to start at the end of September. Selected drivers will receive an email on the official pilot start-day with further information and access to the charging application of Share&Charge.

1. Register now

2. Get access to the Share&Chargecharging app

3. Connect your EV and start charging via the Share&Charge app

4. The charging session will get paid with DAI

5. Check the Blockchain Explorer to see the transaction of your charging session

6. Use up to 100 DAI to pay for charging sessions (voucher)


Thank you for your interest in the e-mobility wallet pilot.

We are sorry to announce we have already reached the maximum signup limit.

The Pilot partners

It is innogy’s mission to ensure that the energy powering this fundamental change in the world of mobility is eco-friendly and sustainable. They collaborate with over 100 partner companies to build one of the largest charging networks in Europe

MakerDAO is comprised of a decentralized stablecoin called DAI, collateral loans, and community governance. DAI is a stable and decentralized currency that stands to transform the financial industry by allowing businesses and individuals to realize the advantages of digital money without experiencing volatility


Share&Charge is curating the Open Charging Network (OCN) to enable the highest level of interoperability and transparency in electric mobility. The OCN is a digital, decentralized and open network for a seamless, smart and green charging experience.