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How it works:

  • Register your car.

  • Transfer money to your Share&Charge wallet (via Paypal, credit card or “Sofortüberweisung”).

  • Search and find charging stations via our interactive map.

  • Choose a charging station.

  • Charge at the charging station.

  • The charging costs will be transferred from you Share&Charge wallet to the owner of the charging station.

  • You will receive an invoice via E-Mail.

Soon available:

share and charge app

What does the charging cost?

The private charging station owner will offer you one of the following three tariffs. The type of tariff he is able to offer depends on the type of charging station he has.

  1. Flatrate Tariff – a fixed tariff for one charge with a max. duration of 4 hours
  2. Time-based Tariff – the tariff is bound to time and an estimated amount of used energy within that timeframe
  3. kWh-based Tariff – the tariff is bound to kilowatt-hours plus a fee for parking

The tariffs are set by the charging station owners themselves, our experience however shows that one charge costs in average around 8€. In general most tariffs consist on the one hand of energy costs and on the other hand of parking costs as well as tax. In addition to that Share&Charge charges 15% of the charging station’s revenue as a service fee.

Invoice via E-Mail

We will send you an invoice via E-Mail subsequently to successfully charging your electric car. This invoice holds information on the duration as well as the car that has been used for charging. Additionally the underlying tariff is displayed.

Furthermore, all the invoices are also stored within the Share&Charge Wallet.

Plug types – an easy and hands-on guide!

We are aware of the incredible number of different plug types and we know that this topic can be discouraging when thinking about emobility for the first times. We would like to help emobility starters to get rid of the jumble of cable and understand this fundamental topic.