Oslo2Rome - EnviaM Route

3 Questions For EnviaM

Why are you participating at the Oslo2Rome inititative?

With Oslo2Rome we demonstrate that emobility is already a reality and it is indeed easy to travel abroad. At the same time we can test the Blockchain technology and be part of an innovative decentral mobility network. We believe that this technology has the potential to make charging more comfortable for our customers.

How developed is emobility in your country?

So far Germany does not fulfill its role as a leading market for emobility. However, the market share of electric vehicles has more than doubled to 1.4% during the last 12 months. The charging infrastructure is currently subsidized by the state. This means that electromobility is becoming more and more visible in Germany and finally will find its place.

Tell us something about your business and your current efforts around emobility?

EnviaM is the renowned energy supplier in eastern Germany. So energy is one of our core skills. That’s why we operate a public charging infrastructure which we will expand in the near future. Moreover, we offer integrated solutions for charging infrastructure for all needs. We support our customers from the first idea to the implementation and operation of their projects.

EnviaM Oslo2Rome Tour Report

We, EnviaM, took part in this project and crossed the border from Germany to Austria. Our tour started on November 28th in Chemnitz. As soon as we started driving, our vehicle came up. The problem was that the battery of the key was almost empty. So we took a short detour to the hardware store, put in a new battery and continued. After the first few kilometres, the Tesla advised us to slow down so that we could reach our destination. From then on, cruise control was our best friend.

After a good three hours we had reached Regensburg - a first stopover to recharge our batteries. We used the “Share&Charge” app to display the charging stations in the area and could easily pay for the electricity for our vehicle.

After a small energy kick for the vehicle and the drivers, we continued our tour. Around 5:30 pm we reached Nußdorf and were warmly welcomed by the VKW colleagues and the innkeepers. Unfortunately it was already too dark to admire the beautiful landscape around the Attersee. Finally, there was a technical problem with the loading process at our accommodation. With the support of our colleagues from VKW and Motionwerk we were able to start the charging station with the app.

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