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The Oslo2Rome Tour based on Blockchain Technology

In the context of the Oslo2Rome initiative, e-mobilists are travelling around Europe with the so-called “e-mobility wallet” in order to test a cross-border charging network based on blockchain technology, aided by the combined efforts of MotionWerk, Fortum, Enexis, Elaad, Sodetrel, Vkw, innogy and enviaM.

The Oslo2Rome initiative is running based on the decentral Blockchain technology. During the Oslo2Rome Tour from the 27.11.2017 – 30.11.2017 you can click on the charging stations in the map and thus learn more on the usage of the Blockchain technoloy within the project. Learn about information such as the gasprice, the number of blocks involved as well as the time until the transaction was processed by the Blockchain.

Oslo2Rome Tour Map


The map shows all the charging transactions by the partners that happen within the Oslo2Rome test network and displays the information for every charging pole. In addition the routes that the drivers will be taking are highlighted in the map.

When clicking on one of the charging stations, a box shows information about the operator of this specific charging point. Furthermore it lists the last transactions that took place at the pole including the duration of the charging transaction, it’s cost, as well as who charged at this charging station.

Besides this information also blockchain specific information regarding the transactions can be looked into. Through the link to etherscan for each transaction withtin the Oslo2Rome network it  can transparently be checked on etherscan. Etherscan holds information for each transaction such as the gas price for this specific transaction, the block height, as well as the time stamp for the transaction.

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