MOVE Mobility Partners with the Share&Charge Foundation

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We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with MOVE Mobility, one of the largest public charging networks in Switzerland and leading energy service provider for a seamless charging experience.

Felix Rug from MOVE Mobility was excited with this step, “With over 800 own charging points, roaming agreements in Switzerland and all over Europe and over 2,000 subscribed drivers we at MOVE Mobility know that the processes for authentication, authorization and settlement are unfortunately quite complicated.

At MOVE Mobility our main objective is to simplify the charging process for the user, but also the whole settlement process. The blockchain based, decentralized protocol of Share&Charge has great potential to solve some of the major issues of enablers who are active in EV-charging. That is why we are happy to join the Share&Charge Foundation!”.

The upcoming EV Charging Economy requires a new way of ecosystem thinking and community building. We further invite individuals and companies around the globe to contribute and shape the future of EV charging economy with us.

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