Open charging network

Enabling the electric vehicle charging community to develop a seamless, smart and green charging experience

Collaboration between players of the Electric Vehicle charging value chain, like Charge Point Operators and Mobility Service Providers, is highly important for the success of E-Mobility adoption. However, connectivity is not provided yet or is on a level comparable to the early days of the internet as they are dependent on centralized gatekeeper platforms. This leads to a frustrating EV driver experience due to major challenges like single point-of-failure, lock-in effects and hindered innovation and collaboration.

Together with partners from all over the world we are developing an open and decentralized charging network for a seamless, smart and green charging experience. It combines the advantages of roaming hubs and Peer2Peer standards, resulting in a resilient network, higher efficiency and extensive growth in innovation and collaboration.

At the very core of the Open Charging Network is a decentralized message bus for authorization, communication and data sharing. It is built using distributed messaging technology, distributed hash tables and distributed ledger technology. The EV charging community is building solutions on top of this technology layer and you are invited to contribute here: Open Source Repositories

Join our open testing

Charge Point Operators are invited to test the message bus of Share&Charge and hence joining the Open Charging Network. Connect within minutes with your OCPI 2.2 API. 

Testing will start in July 2019. You can pre-register with your email here.

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