OCPI 2.2

Based on the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) 2.2, the Open Charging Network allows anyone to connect with their OCPI API and implement any use-case supported by version 2.2 of the protocol.

Open Source

All components of the Open Charging Network are developed under the Apache 2.0 open source license and are free-to-use. The Share&Charge Foundation is curating the continuous development.


Decentralized Operation

The Open Charging Network is operated in a decentralized fashion to ensure openness and maximum reliability. Anyone can freely join the network by becoming or choosing an OCN Node Operator.

The ocn community in europe

Innovators and Partners of the Share&Charge Foundation


Connect to the open charging network

To join the Open Charging Network either run your own OCN Node run or use an existing node, operated by a so-called OCN Node Operator.

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OCPI is a protocol that describes communication about authorization of EV drivers and exchange of charge point information (incl. transaction events), charge detail records and smart-charging commands between parties like Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers. The Open Charging Network is a decentralized implementation of the hub concept described in version 2.2 of the OCPI protocol. Any party using OCPI 2.2 as communication protocol can use the Open Charging Network.

The Open Charging Network is an open source community project. All software components to participate are free-to-use. Anyone can set up an OCN Node and become part of the decentralized operation of the Network.

The Share&Charge Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization with members from the E-Mobility industry. It has no active role in the operation of the Open Charging Network but curating the open source development of its components.

plug&play solutions for your charging service

OCN Services are innovative solutions for your OCN/OCPI-based charging service. Because a winning charging service needs more than just a technical connection…