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Oslo2Rome Tour

27.11.2017 – 30.11.2017

Oslo2Rome-Initiative with seven strong European partners
Accessing a charging network beyond European borders via the “e-mobility wallet”

In the context of the Oslo2Rome initiative, e-mobilists are travelling around Europe with the so-called “e-mobility wallet” in order to test a cross-border charging network based on blockchain technology, aided by the combined efforts of MotionWerk, Fortum, Enexis, Elaad, Sodetrel, Vkw, innogy and enviaM.

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The decentral mobility network based on blockchain technology offers clear benefits for e-drivers and CPOs

Oslo2Rome Direct Payment


Real-time transactions and settlement without middlemen through blockchain smart contracts.

Oslo2Rome contract-less


Access and payment without contracts or roaming through blockchain wallets with Euro-tokens.

Oslo2Rome contract-less


Easy and cost-efficient asset integration and operation based on interopeable, decentralized blockchain network.

Oslo2Rome Map

Disruption made in Europe

We connect public and private e-charging infrastructure across Europe on a ‘Decentral Mobility Network’ to enable direct, cross-country e-charging as the basis for future mobility.

With Share&Charge we have already created the world’s first mobility service on blockchain. Now you can be part of the revolution – just connect your charging poles to our open network.

  • Get access to emerging technologies and be first to learn
  • Test blockchain on your charging infrastructure
  • Enable your customers with new innovative charging infrastructure
  • Become a part of the first European blockchain charging community
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Oslo2Rome and the Blockchain

The Oslo2Rome initiative is running based on the decentral Blockchain technology.

Click on the link below to learn more on the usage of the Blockchain technoloy within the project. Learn about information such as the gasprice, the number of blocks involved as well as the time until the transaction was processed by the Blockchain.


The user (here: e-car driver) wants to use the Share&Charge app to charge at B‘s charging station.


The app sends a „start“ command to the Blockchain network.


The „start“ command is added to a new block on the Blockchain. The block is shared between all parties connected with the decentralized Ethereum
Blockchain. These parties validate the block and render it as valid.

Add Block

The block is then added to the Blockchain, creating a transparent and unaltarable record for the charging process.


The charging station listens to all new transactions in the Blockchain and finds its „start“ command.


The charging station starts charging.

Join our growing community for the future of e-charging

Join us as a partner


Thank you very much for your interest in our initiative to build an e-charging network across Europe.

Please leave us your company name and contact details and we will get back to you with more details about our project and to discuss how you could join.