For information on the Share&Charge app, please refer to our blog post regarding further information for the future of Share&Charge. For more technical details around this issue, please refer to our article published by Hector Garcia.

The Share&Charge app was the first live Blockchain based mobility product in the world, allowing either owners of charging stations or drivers of electric vehicles to have an active share in the creation of the future of emobility. The Peer-to-Peer app had over 1000 registered users and included approximately 1250 charging stations across Germany. The Share&Charge app could be considered the “AirBnB of Charging Stations” where users were able to utilise for the first time a network of private charging stations as well as public charging stations. 

This aligns closely with the goal of Share&Charge to speed up the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany quickly and reliably.

The app provided an interface to the Blockchain, which allowed users to conveniently find charging stations in their area and charge hassle-free and securely through the properties of Blockchain Technology. Charging Station owners were able to independently set their own tariffs (flat rate, time-based or kWh-based) and adapt it at any time. The Share&Charge wallet handled all the billing and invoicing processes in a transparent and uncomplicated manner.


All Share&Charge users – both charging station owners as well as electric vehicle drivers – had a Share&Charge wallet included as part of their Share&Charge account. The Share&Charge wallet held real-time information about all your Share&Charge transactions, which could be easily monitored and tracked.Money could be cashed-in to your Share&Charge wallet by using credit card, PayPal or “Sofortüberweisung” and cashed-out by using SEPA transactions.

The Transactions between charging station owners and chargers were handled efficiently and transparently by the Share&Charge Blockchain solution and could be monitored and tracked in the Share&Charge wallet. In addition to the Share&Charge invoices that were sent out after every transaction, invoices were also stored in the wallet, which could be saved, printed or sent.


The Share&Charge app was based on decentralized and transparent Blockchain technology, which already provides unique opportunities to interlink people with each other to share and bill products and services easily and conveniently. Therefore Blockchain technology is the perfect solution for those who want to interlink within a group and jointly build and use a shared infrastructure.

In addition to the Blockchain technology, we developed our Share&Charge App, which builds the point of intersection between the users and the Blockchain. A major advantage is that it adds functions such as search, setting tariffs as well as the integration of payment services and makes the use of Blockchain uncomplicated.