Swiss pilot

Reducing transaction costs for charging electric vehicles using blockchain technology

Our joint pilot project together with Energie Wasser Bern and MOVE Mobility set out to reduce transaction costs for charging electric vehicles using blockchain technology. This would make it possible to reduce roaming costs in electric mobility in the future. 

Anyone charging their electric vehicle at a particular charging station from a charge point operator without that particular subscription, usually pays an additional fee. These “roaming” fees become very costly for e-mobilists both, financially and by inhibiting a seamless charging experience. The fees are created because the charging station operators with various electromobility providers, who are responsible for the payment and handling of charging processes, use different systems.

More efficient payment processes are available thanks to Blockchain technology. With this pilot project, the charging station operator Energie Wasser Bern and MOVE, an electromobility provider, offered a Blockchain application for charging processes utilizing the Open Charging Network by Share&Charge.

In the future, cross-supplier payments could also be made more efficient in this way. In addition, the technology offers the advantage that payments arrive at the charge point operator within seconds – instead of several days, as with payment with debit and credit cards as well as remittance.