Volkswagen Financial Services Partner with the Share&Charge Foundation

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We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Volkswagen Financial Services, the eMobility service provider of the largest automotive in the world. We are glad to continue our strong partnership with Volkswagen Financial Services after already conducting a successful UK Pilot Project together with several CPOs in 2018.

“We’ve already worked with Share&Charge in our joint pilot project in the UK and in this way we’ve learned a lot about how EV charging can benefit from blockchain technology. Creating an open charging network is a joint endeavour and we believe the Share&Charge vision and technology can make huge contributions to this. We’re looking forward to the collaboration with the foundation” said Jeannine Binsfeld, Head of Charging of Volkswagen Financial Services.

The upcoming EV Charging Economy requires a new way of ecosystem thinking and community building. We further invite individuals and companies around the globe to contribute and shape the future of EV charging economy.

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