Share&Charge is a decentralized protocol for Electric Vehicle charging, transactions and data sharing - enabling companies to offer a seamless, smart and secure charging experience.

E-mobility market and its challenges

Share&Charge is tackling the quickly growing market of e-mobility and solving some of its major challenges


  • 200 million electric vehicles in 2030
  • 11.9 billion kW peak capacity
  • 98 billion US$ of power consumption


  • Highly fragmented market
  • Overload of power grids
  • Complex settlement processes of electric vehicle companies


We are striving to overcome todays problems to enable the EV economy of tomorrow


The decentralized, open-source protocol for EV charging enabling companies to offer a seamless, smart and secure charging experience


Share&Charge has now established a Swiss foundation to further develop and maintain the open standard for transactions and data sharing

Global Leaders for Blockchain & emobility

We believe in a seamless and sustainable future of mobility. Over the last two years, we’ve designed and created several live products at the interface of blockchain technology and e-mobility, which helped us to gain vast experience in both fields. Our experience from creating blockchain solutions, as well as the learnings we gathered from trialling those under real-world conditions, are the foundation we build on to make this future become reality.

Our SELECTED Partners

Use cases & Benefits

We have proved charging and Blockchain go well together. Next to the basic application of easy sharing & seamless access, more use cases like smart charging and green charging can become a reality.


  • Seamless access to all charge points for EV drivers and easy integration of charge points and EVs into the network
  • Easy payment and efficient settlement between all parties


  • Smart charging and Vehicle to Grid enabled by decentralized transaction layer
  • Incentive mechanisms for long term capacity allocation and inherent, decentralized quality review


  • Secure integration of all devices into the network
  • Machine to machine transactions without intermediary and certificates - “Plug&Charge”


Discover what we have planned for the future of the electric vehicle market and Share&Charge

Meet the team

Chairman of the Foundation Board

Over 10 years of global energy trading experience having worked for leading utilities in Europe. Passionate about combining cutting-edge technology with the radically changing mobility sector.

Vice-Chairman of the Foundation Board, CFO

Over 14 years of experience in a wide variety of finance roles at tech companies and public accounting firms, in both the U.S. and Germany.

Foundation Board Member, CTO

A software engineer with over 20 years experience delivering high quality software. Blockchain enthusiast and Ethereum developer since 2015 Micha is well poised to steer the selection and implementation of the technology to decentralise the EV charging market