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Share&Charge Value Proposition

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Use our interactive map to conveniently find charging stations in your area. Identify by one click if the charging station is open and how it has been reviewed by others.

Set your own tariff


As a station operator you can independently set your own tariff and adapt it at any time. Depending on the type of charging station, you are able to choose between flatrate, time-based and kWh-based tariffs.

Family & Friends Tariff


Besides the Community Tariff, which is the tariff for the general Share&Charge user, you are able to set a special and discounted tariff for close relatives like family and friends.



Coming soon! Besides the regular pay-out of your Share&Charge credit to your bank account, you can also donate your account balance to a non-profit organization.

Full cost transparency


The Share&Charge wallet holds real-time information about all your Share&Charge transactions, which you can easily monitor and track.

No billing hassle


Billing & invoicing will be taken care of by Share&Charge in a transparent and uncomplicated manner. We will take care of your transactions and will generate the invoice for you.

What is Share&Charge?

Share&Charge is a network for all types of charging stations. On the one hand, we want to encourage and help emobilists to connect regionally and support each other and on the other hand we want to bring relevant companies and organizations to the same table in order to speed up the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany quickly and reliably. For this purpose we are developing the Share&Charge App, which makes the sharing of the charging stations as well as billing for the energy transaction possible. Within the charging station network the charging tariffs will be determined by the charging station owners themselves. Therefore Share&Charge is a tool for either owners of charging stations or drivers of electric vehicles to have an active share in the creation of the future of emobility.

Charging Station
Electric Vehicle
Charging Station
Electric Vehicle

The Share&Charge Wallet

All Share&Charge users – both charging station owners as well as electric vehicle drivers – have a Share&Charge wallet as part of their Share&Charge account.  The Share&Charge wallet holds real-time information about all your Share&Charge transactions, which you can easily monitor and track.

Money can be cashed-in to your Share&Charge wallet by using credit card, PayPal or “Sofortüberweisung” and cashed-out by using SEPA transactions. For an updated version of the app credits on your Share&Charge account can also be donated to a non-profit organization.

The transactions between charging station owners and chargers are efficiently and transparently handled by Share&Charge and can be monitored and tracked in the Share&Charge wallet. In addition to the Share&Charge invoives that are sent out after every transaction, invoices are also stored in the wallet. These can be saved, printed or sent.

“I am proud that I’m able to contribute to a major change. By taking part in Share&Charge I can help to develop the infrastructure for electric vehicles, while saving money myself. Especially because of the still low political interest in e-mobility, I am glad that I can contribute by being an active be part of the Share&Charge community. Since my daughter moved into her first flat I have a spare carport at my home. Therefore my wife is able to charge her business car at home and through Share&Charge the billing with her employer is transparent and easy.”
jochen | 51 years old | small Town | photovoltaik owner
“Our employers can easily charge their electric cars at my doctor’s office and now we have no problem with the non-cash benefits. Additionally our patients can utilize the charging station during the treatment at a low fee.”
André | 58 years old | Hamburg | Augenarzt | eye specialist
„I’d love to have an electric vehicle, but I can neither charge at home nor at my workplace. Due to the fact that we can share the charging station with every owner and we are able to do independant billing of the individual consumption costs, we could convince all owners to jointly buy a charging station.“
Anke | 37 years old | Cologne | condo
“We own a small craft business located in an industrial park. As a convinced e-mobilist for sure I am happy to share our charging station located in our car park with my employees as well as other e-mobilists. Currently the charging is free of charge, because it’s very expensive to develop an additional billing and invoicing system. My charging station is the only one within 6,2 miles and it is currently very costly to accommodate unassociated chargers.”
Craft business | industrial


Share&Charge is based on the decentralized and transparent Blockchain technology, which already provides unique opportunities to interlink people with each other to share and bill products and services easily and conveniently. Therefore Blockchain technology it the perfect solution for those who want to interlink within a group and jointly build and use a shared infrastructure.

In addition to the Blockchain technology we developed our Share&Charge App, which builds the point of intersection between the users and the Blockchain. A major advantage is that it adds functions such as search, setting tariffs as well as the integration of payment services and makes the use of Blockchain uncomplicated.

blockchain in share and charge

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